A wine with red tile color with dark brown hues that are the result of the longterm aging in French oak barrels. Ampeliastos has beautiful strong and complex aging aromas of dried fruit, cinnamon and chocolate. A rich and fatty wine with an excellent balance of acidity and tannins and a long aromatic finish. Ampeliastos is great as an aperitif and pairs perfectly with Roquefort, creamy deserts that are not too sweet such as Crème Brulle as well as a chocolate pie. Enjoy it chilled at 2-4°C.

Grape Variety: 100% Mandilaria
Region: Santorini
Country: Greece
Category: Naturally sweet red desert wine from sun dried grapes


All the fruit for this wine comes from the volcanic and sandy soils of Santorini. The vines are 50-60 years old and are caned pruned trained in a woven basket called “Kouloura”. The average yield is 2500-3500 kg.


All grapes were selected from specific vineyards and hand-picked relatively late during harvest. The grapes were traditionally layed out in the sun for 6-10 days in order to achieve the required amount of sugar level and pH. The grapes were then pressed to obtain a highly viscous juice full of flavor that was fermented using a specific strain of yeast with tolerance to high alcohol at low temperatures. Alcoholic fermentation stops naturally and then ageing in oak barrels begins for the next 5 years until it was bottled.