Kouloura Red

Kouloura Red is a wine with a dark cherry red color with crimson hue. It has a vey a very interesting bouquet of aromas consisting of dark red fruit as well as spicy characters from herbal leafs and dry fig. Α Crisp and tannic red wine gives of a full body with chalky tannins and crisp acidity which have been soften down through ageing inside the bottle. With a nice earthy twist on the finish, it has a warm soft aftertaste. It pairs perfectly with Pork ribs with barbeque glaze, fresh salad with figs and cashew nuts, pasta with sundried tomatoes, burgers, prosciutto and spicy cheeses. Enjoy it at 12-16°C.

Grape Variety: 100% Mandilaria
Region: Santorini
Country: Greece
Classification: PGI Cyclades – Protected Geographical Indication Cyclades
Category: Dry Red Wine


All the fruit for this wine comes from the volcanic and sandy soils of Santorini. The vines are 50-60 years old and are caned pruned trained in a woven basket called “Kouloura” from which the name took its name. The average yield is 2500-3500 kg.


The grapes are selected and hand-harvested and stored overnight at very low temperatures to enhance varietal character. They are traditionally pressed in a basket press as to minimize extraction of hard tannins which are not unusual for Mandilaria. The must is left to ferment on skins for a short period of time and then transferred to French oak barrels for the end of alcoholic and the onset of malolactic fermentation. The wine matures in oak barrels for a period of 12 months.


Available only at Boutari Winery Santorini and selected hotel and restaurants on the island.


Vintage 2013

Alcohol: 13,7%
Volatile Acidity: 8,67 meg/lt acetic acid
Total Acidity: 6,3 gr/lt tartaric acid
pH: 3,29
Reducing Sugars: 5,6 gr/lt
Available Sizes: 750 ml
Case: 6 pack

Taste Profile